Here's what's new in Coyote.

Draw search boundaries to filter your results more specifically

You now have even more control over your search results in Coyote Market, with the ability to draw search boundaries, so you can focus solely on the assets and comparables that meet your specific location criteria.

Remember you can add these results to appraisal to analyse aggregated key stats, export to Excel and generate reports.

You can also save search boundaries for your team to access. You may wish to set sub-market boundaries (e.g. London - City Core, M25), or even regional boundaries (e.g. South East, North West) so you and your team can quickly analyse and report on assets within a specific geographical area.

To filter using one of your saved boundaries, simply click the location filter, choose in the boundary of and select one of your previously saved boundaries.

Learn more about how to draw and save search boundaries here, or alternatively, check out our latest webinar.

We've also made some improvements...

  • We understand that some users would prefer to view their assets in List View, without the map showing, by default. Therefore, if you don't want to view the map alongside your assets and select List View, Coyote will now remember your selection without the need to change the view again when re-visiting the page.

  • When searching for assets within a radius of a location, the radius will now be illustrated on the map so you can fully understand the area being searched.

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