Note: Only users with "User Manager" permissions enabled will be able to edit permissions. If you are unsure which accounts have these permissions, please contact Coyote support.

Step 1: Under 'People' in the left sidebar, select 'Users'

Step 2: Select the user whose permissions you wish to update.

Search for the user and click on their name.

Step 3: Update user permissions

Modify permissions by clicking through each menu option at the top of the screen and ticking/unticking the desired options.

Step 4: Click 'Save'

Your user permissions have now been updated! 🎉

Additional options

Update Account expiry date

Modify the account expiry date by selecting the calendar below 'Account Expiry' and selecting the new date you would like the account to expire. If you do not wish to have an expiry date on the account, click 'Never'.

Update Permissions for Users with Restricted Access

If the user has restricted permissions to only view specific assets or funds, additional assets/funds can be added by searching and ticking the asset/fund you wish to add.

To remove permissions for existing assets or funds, simply untick each field, or alternatively to remove permissions to all listed assets/funds, select 'Revoke All'.

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