Here's what's new in Coyote.

  • Search for assets by company You can now search and filter your assets in Coyote Market by a company assigned to them. For example; if you want to view all the assets introduced to you by a particular company, simply select one or multiple company names from the drop-down list to refine your results.

  • Create Company or Office while in edit mode We’ve streamlined the process for creating a new company or office whilst in edit mode of an asset. If you need to add a new introduction to an asset but find the company/ office doesn’t exist yet, you simply click on the ‘+’ sign next to the field and a new box will pop up, enabling you to instantly create the new record. We hope this will be a huge time-saver for you!

We've also made some improvements...

  • EPC ratings table We’ve added a number of alternative viewing options to the EPC Ratings table of Coyote Managed to help refine your searches. By default, the table is now ordered by lowest first, putting those needing the most attention at the top of the list.

  • Rent Review table
    A column has been added to the Rent Reviews table in Coyote Managed to display the ERV.

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