Step 1: Under 'People' in the left sidebar, click 'Create New' and select 'User'

Step 2: Enter the contact details

When filling out the contact details, please note the fields marked with an * are mandatory. If the company or office is not shown in the drop down list, you can add a new one by selecting the '+' button, entering the relevant details and clicking 'Create'.

Step 3: Click 'Create'

Select 'View User and Manage Permissions' to set up restricted access.

Alternatively, if you are adding multiple users at once, you can click 'Create Another User' and set up user permissions later. You may also 'Send User Activation Email' although we would recommend doing this after setting up user permissions!

Step 4: Set internal user permissions

Under 'Account Expiry', select the date you would like the account to expire. If you would not like to set an account expiry date, click 'Never'.

Under 'Role Preset', select 'Standard Internal User' from the drop-down list.

Click through each of the top menu options and tick/untick the relevant boxes to modify the permissions you would like to assign to your new user.

You can set up restricted access so the user can only access specific assets/funds,

Step 5: Send activation email

Return to the User Details tab and under 'Activation Email Status' click 'Send'. This will automatically send an activation email to your new user. The link in this email will then allow your new user to activate their account.

Step 6: Click 'Save'

Your new internal user has now been created! 🎉

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