Step 1: Log into Coyote on your mobile device

Type in your Coyote URL into your web browser and log in using your email address and password.

Step 2: Add Coyote as an app tile

If using an iOS device (Apple) press the action button at the bottom of your screen. Select 'Add to Home' . You will now have Coyote as an app tile on your iOS device! 

If using an Android device once you have logged in, tap the menu button and select ‘Add to Home Screen’. You can then rename the page and save to your home screen as an app tile.

Step 3: You now have Coyote as an app tile on your mobile device 👍

🙌 Top Tips 🙌

You can upload photos directly into Coyote from your mobile device as well as dictate notes and actions

Coyote also works great on an iPad or tablet - simply follow the instructions above to add as a app tile

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